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The NEW FE-12

From Freedom Electronics

A Cost-Effective Drop-In Replacement for THREE Ovation 1 Printers: The DW-10, DW-12, and Clamshells.

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This new FE-12 printer will help service companies improve profitability and reduce inventory on their service trucks by replacing any three Ovation-1 cores with a new drop-in replacement printer.

Bob Shepard
VP Product Management at Freedom Electronics

Benefits of the NEW FE-12 Printer

Reduced Inventory

The FE-12 is one printer that replaces three Ovation 1 printers. This enables your business to reduce inventory and increase profitability.

Best Warranty

An FE-12 printer purchase comes with the best replacement printer warranty in the industry: 6 months from install/18 months from invoice.

Fewer Jams

Designed using feedback from our customers, the FE-12 is equipped with a simpler paper path, that results in easier loading and better resistance against jams.